DogTag Survey

Have your dog provide the answers to the following questions to get matched with their ideal playmate! Select a number from 1 to 5 based on how much you agree with each statement (1 is Strongly Disagree while 5 is Strongly Agree).

I love to bark at anything and everything.
I prefer biscuits over bones.
Fetching a frisbee is better than fetching a ball.
Belly rubs are the best form of pets, paws down.
I like stretching out in a bed for a snooze more than curling up in a lap.
Rolling in the grass is more fun than digging in the dirt.
I like to keep my paws clean -- no playing in the mud for me!
A growl is better than a bark for protecting my human.
I like chasing more than being chased.
Squirrels, not birds, are the ultimate enemy.